Cell Type- and Region-specific Expression of Neurogranin mRNA in the Cerebral Cortex of the Macaque Monkey

N. Higo
2004 Cerebral Cortex  
Neurogranin is a postsynaptic substrate for protein kinase C (PKC). It has been identified in the central nervous system, and the expression has been related to postsynaptic plasticity. Using non-radioactive in situ hybridization histochemistry, we investigated whether mRNA expression of neurogranin varied among the cerebral region and cell types. In most areas of the neocortex excluding area OC (the primary visual area), intense signals were observed in the pyramidal cells in layers III, V and
more » ... VI. In area OC, intense signals were observed in layers IV as well as layers III and VI. We previously showed that intense signals for GAP-43, a presynaptic PKC substrate, were observed in relay neurons of the lateral geniculate nucleus. From this result and the present result in area OC, we conclude that both preand postsynaptic PKC substrates (GAP-43 and neurogranin) are abundant in the geniculocortical synapses. In the hippocampus, intense signals were observed in the pyramidal cells in the subiculum. Taken together with our previous study showing intense signals for GAP-43 in Ammon's horn, the result indicates that both PKC substrates are abundant in the connections between neurons in Ammon's horn and in the subiculum.
doi:10.1093/cercor/bhh073 pmid:15115741 fatcat:2p4yoqriwfdgbfct2roddmqhxa