A Questionnaire for Assessment of Healthy Living Aspect of Physical Education for Secondary School Children: Initial Development and Validation

Pankaja Pandey
2021 Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  
Physical education provides a scientific base of knowledge to the children which combines biological, physical, environmental and social studies. The shortage of efficient steps to show the value of physical education in learner growth is a grave problem for the future of the discipline in this era of enhanced transparency (Lund & Kirk, 2010) . Based on the curriculum guidelines for assessment in Physical education, there are four aspects, viz., physical fitness, sports skill, healthy living
more » ... , healthy living and neuromuscular co-ordination, to assess the efficacy of physical education programs. This paper establishes and validates an instrument for assessing the healthy living aspect. Following the goals of the National Curriculum System Physical Education Policy, the first edition of the statements was prepared. The instrument components were objectively evaluated through professional judgment (n=10) to ensure the high consistency, validity and understandability of the claims and proper association of characteristics. The exceptional findings of the pilot test (n = 600) strengthened the curricular framework and confirmed the quality and efficacy of the questionnaire. Exploratory factor analysis revealed a number of statements that were in accordance with the initial methodology and a connection between the factors and the assertion was sufficient for the confirmatory factor analysis. Fitting indices show that the conclusions coincided well with the questionnaire and also Pearson correlated test corroborated positive, important correlations by the suggested variables. The questionnaire has also demonstrated strong outcomes and has the ability to determine the knowledge of healthy living aspect learnt through physical education in secondary school childrens.
doi:10.21786/bbrc/13.15/3 fatcat:nspzuq6livcctdkhekwihpdczu