Influence of permeabilization on the catalytic activity of yeast cells Yarrowia lipolytica kkp 379 in the synthesis of plasticizer – dioctyl adipate

Jolanta Małajowicz, Sophal Try, Wawrzyniec Wacławek
2019 Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych  
Plasticizers are among the most important additives required for processing of polymer materials. In this paper, biotechnological synthesis of adipic plasticizer -dioctyl adipate was presented with the participation of yeast biomass of Yarrowia lipolytica KKP 379. The reaction was based on transesterification of dimethyl adipate with octan-1-ol. Relative to the whole-cell catalyst were used both physical (treated with glass beads) and chemical (use of isooctane and Triton X-100) methods of
more » ... 00) methods of permeabilization. The research confirmed the possibility of the synthesis of dioctyl adipate catalyzed by whole cell yeast with the yield 60% (58% ±1,8%). The permeabilization techniques used did not contribute to increasing the reaction efficiency. Among the methods of violating the continuity of the yeast cell wall, the chemical method using Triton X-100 is of interest. Approximately 50% conversion was achieved in this reaction and no decrease in yield was observed during 96 hours of reaction, as opposed to other methods permeabilization.
doi:10.22630/zppnr.2019.596.3 fatcat:2cl33xbborbi5klpzw6ie2tp3y