Improvement of Physical security System Operation
물리적 보안시스템 운용수준 분석

Taehwang Chung
2014 Journal of The Korean Society of Disaster Information  
This study is to present an improvement of physical security system operation by survey on the install and operation of physical security system of 90 facilities. The level of CCTV operation is higher than Access Control system and Intrusion Detection System. But the level of maintenance and management of physical security system is low. The rate of install of X-ray Inspection device show the concern on material detection, although the rate is low. The level of install and operation for the
more » ... gration of physical security system is low, so integration of security personnel and security system is necessary for the effective operation. For reinforcement of access control management, security gate and preparing of some obstacles are required with RFID. Physical Security System CCTV Access Control System Intrusion Detection System Security Integration
doi:10.15683/kosd.2014.10.2.282 fatcat:ra2vnx2ivvf2ha35g5u7lmwu5u