Non Markovian Noise mediated through Anamolous Diffusion within Ion Channels [article]

Sisir Roy, Indranil Mitra, Rodolfo Llinas
2008 arXiv   pre-print
It is quite clear from a wide range of experiments that gating phenomena of ion channels is inherently stochastic. It has been discussed using BD simulations in a recent paper that memory effects in ion transport is negligible, unless the barrier height is high. In this brief report we like to state using Differential Stochastic Methods (DSM's) that the Markovian property of exponential dwell times do indeed give rise to a high barrier, which in turn indicates that memory effects need not be
more » ... ored. We have thus constructed a Generalized Langevin Equation which contains a combination of Non Markovian at different time scales & Markovian processes and develop an algorithm to describe the scheme of events. We see that the oscillatory function behaviour with exponential decay is obtained in the Markovian limit and two distinct time scales corresponding to the processes of diffusion & drift may be obtained from preliminary simulation results. We propose that the results need much more inspection and it will be worthwhile to reproduce using MD simulations. The most important idea which we like to propose in this paper is that the rise of time scales and memory effects may be inherently related to the differential behaviour of shear viscosity in the cytoplasm & extracellular matrix.
arXiv:0801.3764v1 fatcat:y5gpxeslkzf6pm65glq5v3auoa