Model Reduction and Analysis for ERK Cell Signalling Pathway Using Implicit-Explicit Rung-Kutta Methods

Hemn Rasool, Mardan Pirdawood, Younis Sabawi, Roshna Mahmood, Prshng Khalil
2022 Passer Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences  
Many complex cell signalling pathways and chemical reaction networks include many variables and parameters; this is sometimes a big issue for identifying critical model elements and describing the model dynamics. Therefore, model reduction approaches can be employed as a mathematical tool to reduce the number of elements. In this study, we use a new technique for model reduction: the Lumping of parameters for the simple linear chemical reaction network and the complex cell signalling pathway
more » ... t is extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK) pathways. Moreover, we propose a high-order and accurate method for solving stiff nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The curtail idea of this scheme is based on splitting the problem into stiff and non-stiff terms. More specifically, stiff discretization uses the implicit method, and nonlinear discretization uses the explicit method. This is consequently leading to a reduction in the computational cost of the scheme. The main aim of this study is to reduce the complex cell signalling pathway models by proposing an accurate numerical approximation Runge-Kutta method. This improves one's understanding of such behaviour of these systems and gives an accurate approximate solution. Based on the suggested technique, the simple model's parameters are minimized from 6 to 3, and the complex models from 11 to 8. Results show that there is a good agreement between the original models and the simplified models.
doi:10.24271/psr.2022.161692 fatcat:54ttcuw3snglpoj7cyu4klnsvy