First light and results on EBL2

Norbert Koster, Edwin te Sligte, Alex Deutz, Freek Molkenboer, Pim Muilwijk, Peter van der Walle, Wouter Mulckhuyse, Bjorn Nijland, Peter Kerkhof, Michel van Putten, Kiwamu Takehisa
2017 Photomask Japan 2017: XXIV Symposium on Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology  
Recently TNO has established EBL2; an exposure and analysis facility for testing EUV optics, reticles and pellicles under relevant EUV scanner and source conditions. The facility and EUV source complies with the ASML power roadmap of EUV systems up to a power of 500 W IF. This enables life time testing of EUV optics, reticles and pellicles under conditions which are not yet available to industry, helping the industry in preparing for HVM production. The EBL2 facility consists of a EUV source,
more » ... llector optics, exposure chamber, XPS chamber, and automated sample handling. The exposure chamber has capabilities for plasma analysis, imaging ellipsometry for in-situ analysis of the sample under radiation, photodiodes for power measurements and a scintillator disk for spot profiles. It is possible to insert spectral purity filters and apertures in the beam line for wavelength tuning and beam shaping. The source is Sn fueled DPP source made by our partner Ushio and is based on the proven technology from the ASML AD-tools, providing a similar spectrum and pulse shape as used in the ASML NXE scanners. We show the results of first light obtained in December 2016. The XPS is capable of handling and analyzing full reticles and data on the obtained surface sensitivity and imaging quality will be shown.
doi:10.1117/12.2279025 fatcat:uu5qhtb5ujh27pt5enxtry6sh4