Algorithms of Adaptive and Robust Output Control for a Robotic Prototype of a Surface Vessel
Алгоритмы адаптивного и робастного управления по выходу роботизированным макетом надводного судна

S. M. Vlasov, O. I. Borisov, V. S. Gromov, A. A. Pyrkin, A. A. Bobtsov
2016 Mekhatronika Avtomatizatsiya Upravlenie  
provides self-learning and control in one process. The AAC system works on base of empirical knowledge and does not use of mathematical models of controlled object. In case of robot group the AAC system is uses as individual control system of each robot. Each individual robot learns to keep local order in the group. The global order is the result of sum of local orders. As example we have used a model of cluster of nano-satellites in experiment of monitoring of ionosphere of Earth. In the space
more » ... mission the group of nano-satellites has to keep global order in the space. In our approach individual AAC systems self-learn to keep local orders in the cluster. As result we can see obtaining of global order in the cluster. The AAC system gives more cheap approach to high quality control than other methods regards to its adaptive properties.
doi:10.17587/mau.17.18-25 fatcat:mpu7uokjlzgfpl3njawlmk2v3m