Observations Of The Solar Chromosphere With Alma And Comparison With Theoretical Models

Roman Brajsa, Davor Sudar, Ivica Skokic, Arnold O. Benz, Matej Kuhar, Adam Kobelski, Sven Wedemeyer, Stephen M. White, Hans-G. Ludwig, Manuela Temmer, Steven H. Saar, Caius L. Selhorst
2018 Zenodo  
In this work we use solar observations with the ALMA radio telescope at the wavelength of 1.21 mm. The aim of the analysis is to improve understanding of the solar chromosphere, a dynamic layer in the solar atmosphere between the photosphere and corona. The study has an observational and a modeling part. In the observational part full-disc solar images are analyzed. Based on a modied FAL atmospheric model, radiation models for various observed solar structures are developed. Finally, the
more » ... Finally, the observational and modeling results are compared and discussed.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1462862 fatcat:3l4h373yxncyzgm53gjio3ycwa