Molecular beam epitaxy growth and properties of Fe3GeTe2 thin films

Ryan Lee Roemer
Monolayer iron germanium telluride Fe₃GeTe₂, one of the typical two-dimensional ferromagnetic materials, hitherto, has only been studied by exfoliated micron-sized samples. We achieve high-quality wafer-scale growth of thin Fe₃GeTe₂ films by molecular beam epitaxy, greatly expanding the types of characterization tools employable and providing the possibility for its integration in devices like consumer electronics. Thickness-dependent transport measurements are used to characterize and probe
more » ... magnetic order. Ferromagnetic states exist in 1-10 layer thick Fe₃GeTe₂, with Curie temperatures ranging from 75 K in one layer samples to above 175 K in ten layer samples. A single ferromagnetic phase with signifi cant magnetic anisotropy is revealed for all layer numbers. We present the capability of synthesizing, wafer-scale Fe₃GeTe₂ as an essential step towards its fulfillment in any applications involving magnetism, such as spintronics.
doi:10.14288/1.0397001 fatcat:vh72qhbdubfdxhfafyxeofwtl4