Preparation and properties of natural rubber composite with CoFe2O4-immobilized biomass carbon

Haipeng Cui, Pengfei Zhao, Lusheng Liao, Yanfang Zhao, Aichun Long, Jianhe Liao
2022 E-Polymers  
Designing versatile rubber as a multifunctional elastomer is of great importance, incorporating it with biomass-derived nanoblocks will mitigate environmental challenges. Here biosynthesized natural rubber (NR) composites with CoFe2O4-immobilized biomass carbon (BC) derived from macadamia nutshells were fabricated by facile mechanical mixing. Morphological analysis indicates that CoFe2O4 nanoparticles are uniformly anchored on the surface of BC, forming intact electromagnetic loss networks in
more » ... matrix. As a consequence, the as-fabricated NR/CoFe2O4@BC composites demonstrate enhanced mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic performance. Particularly, NR/CoFe2O4@BC composite shows the best microwave attenuation capacity when CoFe2O4@BC loading is 40 phr, with the minimum reflection loss (RL) of −35.00 dB and effective absorption bandwidth (RL < −10 dB) of 1.60 GHz. All results indicate that this work open new paradigm for multiple applications based on biosynthetic elastomer with the sustainable biomass derived nanoblocks.
doi:10.1515/epoly-2022-0025 fatcat:7ftxmysyuzalhhwllsnouniyya