Determination of Attitude Levels of Teachers Working in School for Disabled Students Toward the Sportive Activities of Mentally Disabled Individuals (Muş Province Example)

2019 International Education Studies  
The main aim of this study is to determine what factors affect the attitudes of teachers working in the special education school toward their occupations. In this study, effect of teachers was investigated in terms of gender, teaching domains, sports branches and age. It was carried out with the participations of totally 40 special education teachers working in the body of Mus Province National Education in 2018-2019 education-training year. The scale of attitude toward the sportive activities
more » ... f mentally disabled individuals was developed by İlhan, Esentürk, and Yarımkaya (2016) (ZEBSEYTÖ). Validity and Reliability working sample was used. SPSS 23.0 package program was used in the analysis of data obtained and finding of the calculated values. It was determined that data do not show normal distribution by performing test of normality. For this reason, Mann Whitney-U test was used for the pairwise independent groups, error margin was taken 0.05 in this study. Once the attitude scale sub-dimensions were examined, no statistically significant difference was found between the genders. When the sub-dimensions of attitude scale were examined, no statistically significant difference was found between whether the participants engage in a sports branch or not. Significant difference was not seen in the participants in terms of doing sports and age.
doi:10.5539/ies.v12n10p22 fatcat:otkw7af6erg3dam22tkz7f2flm