The Solubility of Water in Liquid Silicate

Tsutomu Fukushima, Yasutaka Iguchi, Shiro Ban-ya, Tasuku Fuwa
1966 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
Synopsis rl vacuum Iusioll technique was al)l)lied to determill e the solubi!i{y oj water ill oxide melt . R ej))'odllcibility of determined hydrogeu ill oxide melt was lIslially ± .Jto 5 jJfJllzfor saml)les cOlltaining abollt 50 filmz hydrogen. Oxide melt was eqllilibrated with the gas mixture of {f/;IIOIl and water val,ollr ill the rallge of teml,eratllre from 1 500 to I ()OO C. In the CaO-S iO, ,ystem, a minimum water solubility was observed near the metasilicate comlJOsitiou . The effects
more » ... iou . The effects qf additioll of P ,0., B 2 0 3 , C eO " ectively to the CaO-SiO, ~ys lem (Oo CaO /oo Si O, = 0.59 ) ou the solubilifJl of water were studied at I 500 C. The additioll of acid oxide sucit as P ,0", B,0 3 or CeO, illcreases the solubiliry of water, but aml)hotaic oxide slich a, AI,03 or TiO, decreases the solubilil)' of water. rl millimlllll water solubilif)' was also obsen'ed at approximately 20 mole I)ct AIO u ill the CaO-SiO,-,\l,O" ,)'stem . The eifect of an addition of acid or {III (l1II1,llOteric oxide 011 the soluhilit), of water shows a close reiatiollshil' tv the ion-ox)'gen attractioll of catioll. T ec hnica l R esearc h I nst itute, N ip pon K okan K.K. , K awasaki, K a naga wa , J a pa n, form e rl y a g radua te stu de nt at T ohoku University. A gradu a te stud e nt ; Departme n t of M e ta llurgy, T o hoku U ni ve rsity, Se nd a i, J a pan. Assist. P ro f., Dr. Eng. ; De pa rtm e n t of M etallurgy, T o hoku U ni ve rsity, Se nd a i, J a pan. Prof. , Dr. E ng. SeD. ; Depa rtm e nt of M e tallurgy, T o hoku U ni ve rsity, Se nda i, J a pa n.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.6.225 fatcat:skgjiwf6ezfzhccsqvrzefr6tq