Productivity in 21st Century Indian Higher Education Institutions

Vedvyas Jayprakash Dwivedi et al., Vedvyas Jayprakash Dwivedi et al.,
2019 International Journal of Human Resource Management and Research  
The ancient Indian subcontinent, the global knowledge leader and creator, has now-a-days been seen emerging as a universal eternal magnet and pivotal hub for aspiring learners and researchers. Beyond the geographical borders this role model great country has been facilitating the concerned stakeholders with high-quality, human value oriented affordable higher education system and institutions in true sense since ages. HEIIs are governed and managed by the highest selfless morals and standards
more » ... pious ethics with sincere accountability based upon the humanity principles and themes with peer-reviewed and true accreditation by societal stakeholders at large. Globally amongst the top seven countries, India finds its three-dimensional interdisciplinary research outputs and contributions cited very frequently by the galaxy of researchers and aspirants. This article presents the thrilling facts for 21 st -century HEIIs' productivity enhancement needs, new understanding, vision, goals, cultural transformation and innovative approach across all levels of HE from curricula and pedagogy to the use of ICT, partnerships, governance, funding, research, and globalization. The emphasis that today's' teacher, ane-facilitator to digest the concept of learning to learn through revolutionary methodology would help to enhance the overall productivity of 21 st -century HEIIs. HEIIs' Productivity would be said to be enhanced if students, their parents, employers, and society demand the HEIIs to deliver real capability and not empty degrees / certificates.
doi:10.24247/ijhrmraug20197 fatcat:m32fyyzq35ap3fbh66gbmgrrja