Keyur Paralkar, Shiwani Yadav, Shikha Kumari, Apurva Kulkarni, S Pingat
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
In today's world social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ etc, have created the boon in our humanitarian society[1]. Along with these social networking platforms there comes a great responsibility of handling user privacy as well as user data. In most of these websites, data is stored on the centralized system called as the server. [1] The whole system crash down if the server goes down. One of the solutions for this problem is to use a decentralized system.
more » ... ystem. Decentralized applications works on Blockchain. A Blockchain is a group of blocks connected sequentially to each other. The blockchains are designed so that transactions remain immutable i.e. unchanged hence provides security. The data can be distributed and no one can tampered that data. This paper presents a decentralized social media photo sharing web application which is based on blockchain technology where the user would be able to view, like, comment, share photos shared by different users.