Underexpression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase leads to more severe pulmonary complex vascular lesions associated with HIV patients

José L. Sandoval-Gutiérrez, Sharilyn Almodovar, Rosa M. Rivera-Morales, Juan Rodríguez-Silverio
2020 Archivos de cardiolog�a de M�xico (English ed. Internet)  
La baja expresión de oxido nítrico sintetasa provoca mayor severidad en las lesiones vasculares complejas asociadas al VIH Abstract Background: Despite increase in survival of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients due to highly active antiretroviral therapy, non-infectious complications are still prevalent such as presentation of lung vasculopathy, even in asymptomatic patients. Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is necessary to produce nitric oxide that causes pulmonary endothelial
more » ... vasodilation. Participation of this protein in the pulmonary circulation in HIV patients has not been elucidated. This work studied the presence and expression of eNOS in pulmonary complex vascular lesions associated with HIV (PCVL/HIV). Methods: In lung tissues from patients who died from complications of HIV, we used immunohistochemistry and immune chemiluminescence (imageJ) to determine the different degrees of expression of eNOS in PCVL-HIV in comparison with non-PCVL/HIV. Reagents used were anti-eNOS and an automated system. All data are presented as mean and standard deviation. Differences were analyzed with Wilcoxon; p < 0.05 was accepted as statistically significant. Results: In 57 tissues, the histological evidence of pulmonary vasculopathy was showed as different types (proliferative, obliterative, and plexiform) and severe presentation of vasculopathy than non-PCVL/HIV. A statistically significant decrease of eNOS was observed in all PCVL/HIV tissue samples. Conclusion: eNOS has a relevant role in the pathogenesis of pulmonary vasculopathy in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients. It is necessary to determine in the future the participation of eNOS and other mechanisms involved in PCVL/HIV. Resumen Antecedentes: A pesar del incremento en la sobrevivencia del paciente con virus de inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH) debido al uso del tratamiento antiretroviral altamente efectivo, las complicaciones no infecciosas siguen ocasionando vasculopatía pulmonar, aun en pacientes asintomáticos. La óxido nítrico sintetasa (ONSe) es necesaria para la producción
doi:10.24875/acme.m20000100 fatcat:glqocvurdfbelf35aroqk4iphy