Homeobox genes DLX4 and HB24 are expressed in regions of epithelial- mesenchymal cell interaction in the adult human endometrium

L. Quinn
1998 Molecular human reproduction  
The adult human endometrium rapidly cycles through stages of cell proliferation, differentiation and degeneration. Inappropriate endometrial cell differentiation is a contributing factor in diseases such as endometrial carcinoma and endometriosis. We have identified two homeobox genes that may play a role in the control of endometrial cell differentiation and development. In-situ mRNA hybridization experiments were used to show differential expression of DLX4 at different phases of the
more » ... ses of the endometrial cycle. Higher levels of DLX4 expression were observed in proliferative phase endometrial epithelium compared with secretory phase endometrial epithelium. The HB24 homeobox gene was shown to be expressed in both the proliferative and secretory phase endometrial epithelium. We predict that DLX4 and HB24 will be required for the transcriptional control of genes important for endometrial cell differentiation. Furthermore, we propose that DLX4 and HB24 are part of a conserved combinatorial code of homeobox genes that are required for controlling epithelial-mesenchymal cell interactions in the endometrium.
doi:10.1093/molehr/4.5.497 pmid:9665637 fatcat:zh5yunhrkjdfpghiovohbtlr2a