Response to "Projection Methods Require Black Border Removal"

F. Shafait, D. Keysers, T.M. Breuel
2009 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence  
In contrast to prior experimental work, our results support the conclusion that RXYC can perform well after marginal noise removal. However, marginal noise removal on page images like those found in UW3 remains a hard problem, and it therefore remains an open question whether RXYC can actually achieve competitive performance on such databases. Index Terms Document page segmentation, OCR, performance evaluation, performance metric Nagy et al. [1] misrepresent our work [2], [3] when they write:
more » ... when they write: "Like Mao and Kanungo, Shafait, Keysers and Breuel suggest that the poor performance of the X-Y tree method is due to its vulnerability to noise." We do not conclude that RXYC has "poor performance". In fact, our paper strongly argues against such a simplistic, one-dimensional view of performance evaluation. The stated purpose of our paper was to introduce a novel evaluation method based on a vectorial score, and demonstrate its utility and validity by comparing it to the results obtained using Mao and
doi:10.1109/tpami.2008.220 fatcat:iahgck72u5finfzkcpp3ybqpni