Cross Platform in Mobile Applications

Mamta Verma, Miss. Priyanka Sinha
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
There are three types of mobile application development, which are native mobile application, cross platform mobile application and hybrid application. Many mobile devices that runs with different operating system and languages in current mobile market. Android and iOS is the most leading representative as the whole of current market. Developing application in different platforms has generated many problems; a lot of time, cost and man power is needed if there is no significant porting work for
more » ... cross platform several mobile devices are propose For example-XMLVM, Phonegap, PhoneXml, DragonRad and RhoMobile, each with their own strength. Cross platform is necessary in current mobile market and for developing games in cross platform use XMLVM. With the rapidly evolving mobile game industry it has become increasingly lucrative to develop quickly across as many different platforms as possible. The solution for developing games in cross platform, based on a range of open source software packages to easily create cross platform games.web browsers are common platform for delivering cross platform mobile applications also create widgets for cross platform mobile applications they are easy to develop, easy to deploy, personalized, interactive, and less consumption of flow of mobile widget make it ideal for mobile internet. A graphical UI would enhance the development process in development process of creative games allowing for easy addition.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is090585 fatcat:delwj4b2pfdyladhcxnp6o34u4