Patrícia Fonseca de Brito Anjos, Rodrigo Weber dos Santos, Rafael Alves Bonfim de Queiroz
2020 Revista Mundi Engenharia Tecnologia e Gestão (ISSN 2525-4782)  
Computational models are used to represent blood flow in large and small arteries and to simulate cardiovascular diseases. Through these models, it is possible to estimate the pressure and blood flow in arterial vessels. However, to reduce the complexity of the model simulation, it is necessary to truncate small arterial domains representing the networks of small arteries and arterioles. At truncation points, the input impedance is used as a boundary condition. This work describes a method
more » ... on fractal laws to generate models of arterial trees that represent the truncated arterial districts, and how to calculate the input impedance of these models. The influence of the parameters used in the generation of the arterial tree model on the input impedance is investigated. The results show that the bifurcation exponent and asymmetry ratio most influence the input impedance response of the models.
doi:10.21575/25254782rmetg2020vol5n21176 fatcat:jnmafcts5naypogcpcri5mtvji