Fixed Phrase Scheme «N1+ Называется!» in the Contemporary Russian Language

Viktoria Posidelova
2019 Izvestiâ Ûžnogo Federalʹnogo Universiteta: Filologičeskie Nauki  
The fixed phrase scheme «N1+ называется!» is monosemic. It is derived and formed on the basis of a simple unextended declarative sentence. The compulsory un change able component of the fixed phrase scheme (называется) is simple. Its inner form is partially pertinent; it determined its syntactic paradigm dealing with the word-order convertibility of the compulsory unchangeable and changeable components. These components possess rather limited paradigmatic opportunities because of the
more » ... e of the phraseologized status of the syntactic construction. Due to its idiomaticity and expressivity the fixed phrase scheme can realize the diverse pragmatic potential.
doi:10.23683/1995-0640-2019-1-138-146 fatcat:geu6zdudvjgsvpjr5uwfda6e2m