"Nala-ki bata": An edition with translation, grammatical study, and glossary

B. S. Pandit
The thesis is an edition with a critical apparatus of a Rajasthani MS. Nala-ki bata by Bhangcanda Bhavasa, Royal Asiatic Society, Todd Collection No. 81. The work appears to have been written in the early part of the 19th century, as a date in Samvat corresponding to A.D. 1806 is found written at the end of another story (Dhola Maruji-ki bata) appended to the story of the MS. The thesis consists of four parts. A grammatical study of the language of the MS. Part II Text with critical footnotes.
more » ... ritical footnotes. Part III Translation. Part IV Complete glossary of the text with notes on the derivation of most of the words.
doi:10.25501/soas.00029170 fatcat:z6bfofolwjeilgxi6e3gj2ejf4