Analysis of Mother's Anxiety Level with Compliance to Visit to Integrated Service Post in the Covid-19 Pandemic at the Tangkiang Public Health Center

Kurniawan Edi Priyanto, Sitti Ramlah Mardjan
: The low achievement of toddler visits during the pandemic to the Tangkiang Integrated Service Post was 20% due to the mother's anxiety when bringing her toddler to the Integrated Service Post during the covid 19 pandemic, the mother of the toddler was afraid of the child and herself being infected by covid 19 when she came to visit the Integrated Service Post. Purpose : The purpose of this study was to analyze the level of mother's anxiety with the compliance of toddlers' visits to the
more » ... ted Service Post during the Covid 19 pandemic at the Tangkiang Public Health Center, Kintom District, Banggai Regency. Methods : This study uses a correlational analytic design with a cross sectional approach. The population in this study were 30 respondents with a total sample of 30 respondents. sampling in this study using total sampling technique. Data collection using questionnaires and MCH handbooks. Data analysis to see the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable using the chi square statistical test with a significant level of = 0.05. Results : The results showed that of the 30 respondents, half of the respondents experienced a mild level of anxiety, namely 15 respondents (50.0%) and most of the respondents were obedient in visiting the posyandu, namely as many as 21 respondents (70.0%). The results of data analysis using Chi Square statistical test obtained P value < 0.05 (0.000 < 0.05) which means that there is a relationship between maternal anxiety level and compliance with toddler visits to Integrated Service Post at Post of Public Health Center Tangkiang, Kintom District, Banggai Regency. Conclusion : Mild mother's anxiety level can affect the compliance of toddlers' visits to posyandu during the Covid 19 pandemic.
doi:10.30994/jqph.v5i1.282 fatcat:4m5gnrkh4jaydp7cav6aqmlr5y