Supported by: Scientific and Technological Development Project of Binzhou City (Policy Guidance)(2015ZC0118); Key Project of Social Science

Hu Cheng
2016 Studies in Literature and Language   unpublished
This research, guided by the functionalist translation theory, puts forward that the process of translation should not be limited to a single language level. In the process of translation, the translator must comply with the requirement of the target readers, combine the purpose of translation with the target reader's special circumstances and adopt appropriate translation methods. In chapter two of this research, through the analysis of C-E translation of Chinese company profiles, the
more » ... files, the researcher points out three common translation errors in pragmatic level, cultural level and language level. In addition, the researcher preliminarily analyzes reasons for company profiles translation errors in chapter three, the ignorance of the company's publicity promotion purposes and the expected readers of target text and blind pursuit of formal equivalence between source text and target text. Finally, based on some examples of company profiles text, the researcher has concluded a translation mechanism of three principles that the translator should adopt in C-E translation of Chinese company profiles, Skopos rule, target reader oriented principle and adequacy principle.