Kant's Critique of AEsthetic Judgment. James Creed Meredith

F. Melian Stawell
1913 International Journal of Ethics  
BOOK REVIEWS. 231 supernatural being now and here inspiring 'believers' with moral insight and strength. And in any case it is not to the purpose to contrast 'Christ' and 'philosophy' to the disparagement of the latter (pp. 296, 297). The only meaning of such a contrast is that in moral subjects the mass of mankind are much more powerfully moved by personal influence than by philosophical reasoning or mere precept. These critical observations, we believe, are justified; but we must repeat that,
more » ... notwithstanding such defects, the book is in the main a genuine contribution to ethical thinking, which may be welcomed by readers belonging to more than one school. The author has read widely and thoughtfully; and among hi's i1cidental references and allusions there are many which are remarkably stimulating and suggestive.
doi:10.1086/intejethi.23.2.2376941 fatcat:d5rvpshcpbdclleuau46xu7bym