Considerations regarding the origin and the area of the spread of secular land properties in Iasi County (IV)

Alexandr FURTUNA
2019 Zenodo  
This study is developed based on documents included in prestigious collections of documents: Documenta Romaniae Historica. A. Moldova; Documents on the history of Romania. A. Moldova; Documents on the history of Moldova in the XVIII century; Moldova in the era of feudalism, etc. Thus, aspects of the origin and the area of spread of secular land ownership in Iasi County were investigated. These properties belonged to the well-known and influential boyar clans: Ciogolea, Chiritsa, Paleolog,
more » ... cu, Baciok and Buhush. Following the investigations, we state that the property owned by the above-mentioned families was acquired in various ways: by inheritance, in the form of donation, through exchange and purchase/sale. Most of the land in villages and parts of villages in Iasi belonged to Chiritsa and Paleolog boyar families (about 17) and to Prajescu (about 10). The property of Ciogolea, Chiritsa, Paleolog, Prajescu, Baciok and Buhus clans was spread along both sides of the river Prut, as well as its right and left tributaries.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3595119 fatcat:iehqkwepgbfghnqlo3k74peyxa