The Influence of the Mind on Physical Organization

1840 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
color and softening of the brain extended in every direction from the cavity of the ventricle; but much less, towards the septum lucidum. The following bodies, in the cavity of the ventricle, had entirely lost their consistence, and in part their shape, by the extensive ramollissement ; viz., the lateral portion of the foruix, corpus stiiatum, hippocampus major and minor, and tupping down into the fourth ventricle and destroying, in part, the thalamus opticus. In milking transverse and
more » ... sverse and longitudinal sections of the right side of the brain, after the minute examination was made, the ramollisement and yellow color could, in many places, be traced to the cortical portion of the brain. No further examination made. T. Haynes.
doi:10.1056/nejm184002050212602 fatcat:k3z6d2hphzeirc2br7an3bw76m