Journal of Buddhist Ethics Nature's No-Thingness: Holistic Eco-Buddhism and the Problem of Universal Identity

Marek Sullivan, Marek Sullivan
2015 unpublished
"Holistic eco-Buddhism" has been roundly criticized for its heterodoxy and philosophical incoherence: the Buddha never claimed we should protect an "eco-self" and there are serious philosophical problems attendant on "identifying with things." Yet this essay finds inadequate attention has been paid to East Asian sources. Metaphysical issues surrounding eco-Buddhism, i.e., problems of identity and difference, universalism and particularity, have a long history in Chinese Buddhism. In particular,
more » ... ism. In particular, I examine the notion of "merging with things" 1 My thanks to Rupert Gethin and Stefano Zacchetti for their careful feedback on portions of this essay, and to Eric Greene for some insightful advice during the early stages. Thanks also to Simon James, whose sage-like patience is an inspiration. All errors are my own.