Simplified Random-Walk-Model-Based Kalman Filter for Slow to Moderate Fading Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems

Huaqiang Shu, Laurent Ros, Eric Pierre Simon
2014 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  
This study deals with multi-path channel estimation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems under slow to moderate fading conditions. Advanced algorithms exploit the channel time-domain correlation by using Kalman Filters (KFs) based on an approximation of the time-varying channel. Recently, it was shown that under slow to moderate fading, near optimal channel multi-path complex amplitude estimation can be obtained by using the integrated Random Walk (RW) model as the channel
more » ... as the channel approximation. To reduce the complexity of the high-dimensional RW-KF for joint estimation of the multi-path complex amplitudes, we propose using a lower dimensional RW-KF that estimates the complex amplitude of each path separately. We demonstrate that this amounts to a simplification of the joint multi-path Kalman gain formulation through the Woodbury's identities. Hence, this new algorithm consists of a superposition of independent single-path single-carrier KFs, which were optimized in our previous studies. This observation allows us to adapt the optimization to the actual multi-path multi-carrier scenario, to provide analytic formulae for the mean-square error performance and the optimal tuning of the proposed estimator directly as a function of the physical parameters of the channel (Doppler frequency, Signal-to-Noise-Ratio, Power Delay Profile). These analytic formulae are given for the first-, second-, and thirdorder RW models used in the KF. The proposed per-path KF is shown to be as efficient as the exact KF (i.e., the joint multipath KF), and outperforms the autoregressive-model-based KFs proposed in the literature.
doi:10.1109/tsp.2014.2332447 fatcat:stsb2editfenlfizticol7pswm