D33.2 Earth Science metadata, semantics and ontology harmonization report

Yannis Marketakis, Yannis Tzitzikas
2013 Zenodo  
Earth science communities use various ontologies/schemas to describe different kinds of datasets and for different reasons, and there is not an integrated (harmonized) schema for describing all concepts of Earth science. The purpose of this deliverable is to summarize and analyze the results of the surveys conducted in WP15, identify the needs and gaps between communities based also on the results of the user requirements (WP12) and propose strategies for having harmonized metadata, semantics
more » ... d ontologies. The deliverable is organized in three main sections aiming at (a) analyzing the results of the WP15 survey, (b) inspecting how the needs of communities are fulfilled and identifying gaps based on the user requirements and (c) describing general approaches for harmonization/integration of information and how they fit into SCIDIP-ES (and in particular in WP33). The first section is the analysis of the WP15 results. Particular focus is given in the part of the survey concerning metadata, semantics and ontologies. The objective is to perform an analysis of the semantic models that are widely used by different communities, in terms of their usability, adoption, configurability, extensibility across different Earth Science domains. The second section uses the results of the user requirements analysis (WP12) as a pivot in order to identify if the aforementioned ontologies cover the needs of communities. The results of the two previous sections are used for the definition of the strategies to have harmonized metadata, semantics and ontologies, able to satisfy the user needs coping with the different Earth Science domain approaches. For the definition of the strategy, core ontologies as well as extensions and mappings for the Earth Science domain have been investigated. The results of this deliverable (the strategy) will be provided as input in T21.8 (Finding Aids Toolkit Development).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3275163 fatcat:auuz2aiqabh47jdipeewa7wr2e