An outer approximation algorithm for multi-objective mixed-integer linear and non-linear programming [article]

Fritz Bökler, Sophie N. Parragh, Markus Sinnl, Fabien Tricoire
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we present the first outer approximation algorithm for multi-objective mixed-integer linear programming problems with any number of objectives. The algorithm also works for certain classes of non-linear programming problems. It produces the non-dominated extreme points as well as the facets of the convex hull of these points. The algorithm relies on an oracle which solves single-objective weighted-sum problems and we show that the required number of oracle calls is polynomial in
more » ... he number of facets of the convex hull of the non-dominated extreme points in the case of multiobjective mixed-integer programming (MOMILP). Thus, for MOMILP problems for which the weighted-sum problem is solvable in polynomial time, the facets can be computed with incremental-polynomial delay. From a practical perspective, the algorithm starts from a valid lower bound set for the non-dominated extreme points and iteratively improves it. Therefore it can be used in multi-objective branch-and-bound algorithms and still provide a valid bound set at any stage, even if interrupted before converging. Moreover, the oracle produces Pareto optimal solutions, which makes the algorithm also attractive from the primal side in a multi-objective branch-and-bound context. Finally, the oracle can also be called with any relaxation of the primal problem, and the obtained points and facets still provide a valid lower bound set. A computational study on a set of benchmark instances from the literature and new non-linear multi-objective instances is provided.
arXiv:2103.16647v2 fatcat:7d4rbvhbifhv7pv57rayzvrktm