HI Studies of the Sculptor Group Galaxies

Claude Carignan, Daniel Puche
1990 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
AbstractResults from large-scale mapping of the HI gas in the Sculptor group are presented. From our kinematic analysis, a mean global (M/LB) ⋍ 9 M⊙/L⊙(at the last observed velocity point) is found for the individual galaxies. This is only a factor ~ 10 smaller than the (M/LB)dyn⋍ 90 M⊙/L⊙derived from a dynamical study of the whole group. The parameters derived from the mass models suggest that most of the unseen matter has to be concentrated around the luminous galaxies. Under the assumption
more » ... at the Sculptor group is a virialized system and that all the mass is associated with the galaxies, an upper limit of ~ 40 kpc is derived for the size of the dark halos present in the five late-type spirals of the group.
doi:10.1017/s025292110000498x fatcat:ee5m4dswibcmxb5bd3wldolvom