Relationship between testicular inhibin content and serum FSH concentrations in rats after bilateral efferent duct ligation

C. L. Au, D. M. Robertson, D. M. de Kretser
1984 Reproduction  
The testicular inhibin content showed an initial increase in the first 2\p=n-\3 days after bilateral ligation of the efferent ducts of rats, followed by a subsequent decline to levels significantly below normal by 14 days, and reached 25% of control values at 42 days. Serum concentrations of FSH and LH were significantly increased at Day 6\p=n-\7 after treatment and were still elevated after 42 days. The decline in testicular inhibin content at times associated with elevated FSH concentrations
more » ... FSH concentrations is consistent with the hypothesis of inhibin being involved in the feedback control of FSH secretion.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0720351 pmid:6439861 fatcat:cpwsiqtya5aldkycoduqxifoeu