Post-transplant urinary leak; the perennial 'Achilles heel' in renal transplant surgery

Nalaka Gunawansa, Ajay Sharma, Ahmed Halawa
2018 Trends in Transplantation  
Post-transplant urinary leak remains one of the commonest surgical complications in the early transplant recovery phase causing significant patient morbidity. Timely diagnosis and intervention is needed in minimizing associated morbidity in addition to avoiding unnecessary hospital stay and potential adverse outcomes. Prevention of urinary leak requires meticulous planning and technique in organ harvest as well as implantation. Any suspicious fluid leak from surgical drains or peri-graft
more » ... ions need to be aggressively investigated in order to differentiate urine leak from benign conditions such as lymphatic leak. A combination of clinical, biochemical and imaging tests assists in clear differentiation and confirmation of diagnosis. While endo-urological management techniques are available especially for small volume leaks and unstable patients, open surgical repair remains the gold standard in treating large volume urinary leak after transplantation. Gunawansa N(2018) Post-transplant urinary leak; the perennial ' Achilles heel' in renal transplant surgery Volume 11(1): 2-4
doi:10.15761/tit.1000246 fatcat:skw3ef247bdgdjd33gjp4isvfm