 Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Cooling System Used in Digital Machine Control

Naveen, Mahesh
International Journal for Ignited Minds   unpublished
The DMU (Digital Machine Control UNIT) houses the processers of the control systems. The integrated circuits in the processers produce large amount of heat due to the large amount of data processed during operations. If this waste heat generation goes unchecked the PCB may temporarily malfunction or permanently fail. Due to this it affects the performance and speed of the DMU. This might lead to catastrophic disaster during operations. During operations there might be change in temperature from
more » ... in temperature from 55 °C to-20 °C. Hence the designed DMU should be able to control the temperature of the PCB's such that it should not affect the performance. The target temperature under which ATR work is 80 °C, for analyzing and achieving this target temperature thermal management system is analyzed using a commercial CFD software package (STAR CCM+).Considering as an Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis and Optimization of the DMU was also done by changing the position of Fan and also increasing number of fans.