Curare - Botany, Chemistry, and Pharmacology

Norman G. Bisset
1988 Acta Amazonica  
Some aspecto of cuAa/ie leteaAch counted out oven the loot 25 yeaAò one dtòcuò&ed. Accepting a pharmacological nxxtheA than pwiely ethnological definition meant, that caAoreò are not limited to South Amentca but that they ate al&o known ftom Czntnal Afitca and South-ia&t Aiia. Among the entteKia that have been iuggzitzd fon. cía&òifying South AmeaL can cuAOAet, ΟΛΖ: type oi containen, geographical ontgin, botanical íouAcei of the active, constituent!" and chemical compoòltion. A combination of
more » ... . A combination of botanical' and gzogxaphical cntteiia leadt to much the. iame regional gH.oupin.Qa at a combination of cAitexia involving the. type. of contatneA and the. chemical composition. The. active, ptiincipleM in CUKOAZA may derive from membeti o^ Xh-i Loganiaceaz [S&iyehnoò] and/on tAzniApenmaczaz {mainly ChonttowdzndJion and Qurarza, bat also Abata, Anomo&pejmum, Ciò&ampeloò, Sciadoteiua, and (*) This paper is dedicated to the memory of B. A. Krukoff, who,over a period of almost fifty years, was the driving force behind much of the botanical and chemical in vestigation of the plants used in the preparation of curare. .
doi:10.1590/1809-43921988185290 fatcat:fcdjbsbwyjccrpmcmeplduiy5u