Studies on Obtaining Diglycidyl Ether from Allyl-Glycidyl Ether over the Mesoporous Ti-SBA-15 Catalyst [chapter]

Agnieszka Wróblewska, Edyta Makuch, Ewelina Mójta
2016 Advanced Catalytic Materials - Photocatalysis and Other Current Trends  
The work presents the studies on the epoxidation of allyl-glycidyl ether AGE to diglycidyl ether DGE over the mesoporous Ti-SBA-catalyst and with wt% hydrogen peroxide. The influence of the following parameters was studied the temperature -°C, the molar ratio of AGE/H O = . -, the content of Ti-SBA-catalyst . -. wt%, and the reaction time -min. The studies showed that it is possible to obtain DGE with the selectivity of mol% for reaction time below min but at low conversion of AGE -about mol%.
more » ... f AGE -about mol%. The prolongation of the reaction time decreases the selectivity of DGE because the following competitive reactions take place hydration of the epoxide ring in AGE and A PD formation, collapsing of the ethers by hydrolysis of the ether groups, and the epoxidation and the hydration of the products of collapsing and obtaining glycerol. The explanation of the very high ineffective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and possible ways of increasing its efficiency of conversion are also presented.
doi:10.5772/61881 fatcat:qkngdd7tsbby3fwa5pbxosb6vm