Effect of Rendering Temperature on Collagen Content from the Poultry Skin

Deepali Tanaji , Sakunde
2020 Journal of Animal Research  
Effect of rendering temperature on collagen content from the poultry skin. J. Anim. Res., 10(5): 705-709. ABSTRACT While looking for an alternate source of commercial collagen the deserted poultry sleeves from wet poultry market appears promising. The present study was envisaged with objective of evaluating effect of the rendering regime on quantity of collagen in rendered poultry skin. The deserted poultry sleeves were custom processed for separation of feathers from skin. The skin was
more » ... he skin was subjected to different rendering temperatures viz: 40, 50 and 60°C for 2 hr. The yield of rendered fat, fat recovery rate, amount of defatted skin, hydroxyproline and collagen content in differently rendered skin were quantified to know the effect of rendering regime. Results revealed a gradual increase in yield of rendered fat and fat recovery rate with increase in temperature, while the amount of defatted skin, hydroxyproline and collagen content in rendered skin decreased with increase in rendering temperature. The yield of rendered fat at 40, 50 and 60°C rendering temperature were 25.50%, 30.97% and 35.08% with corresponding fat recovery rates of 61.59%, 74.80% and 84.74%, respectively. The hydroxyproline content was highest in skin processed at 40°C and least in skin rendered at 60°C. The percentage recovery of collagen from skin rendered at 40°C, 50°C and 60°C were 96.37%, 77.22% and 62.01%,respectively. The study indicated that dry rendering at 40°C temperature is optimal for rendering of fat while processing the poultry skin for extraction of valuable collagen. HIGHLIGHTS m Separated Skin from poultry sleeves can be an alternate source of valuable collagen. m The poultry skin can be optimally dry rendered for quality collagen besides usual fat. m The increase in dry rendering temperature leads to increased loss of collagen but higher yield of fat. m Rendering at 40°C temperature is better while processing the poultry skin for valuable collagen.
doi:10.30954/2277-940x.05.2020.5 fatcat:y73r75dbtzd5zesnjo6xsmp7ee