On the frame-error rate of concatenated turbo codes

O.Y. Takeshita, O.M. Collins, P.C. Massey, D.J. Costello
2001 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
Turbo codes with long frame lengths are usually constructed using a randomly chosen interleaver. Statistically, this guarantees excellent bit-error rate (BER) performance but also generates a certain number of low weight codewords, resulting in the appearance of an error floor in the BER curve. Several methods, including using an outer code, have been proposed to improve the error floor region of the BER curve. In this paper we study the effect of an outer BCH code on the frame-error rate (FER)
more » ... of turbo codes. We show that additional coding gain is possible not only in the error floor region but also in the waterfall region. Also, the outer code improves the iterative APP decoder by providing a stopping criterion and alleviating convergence problems. With this method, we obtain codes whose performance is within 0.6 dB of the sphere packing bound at an FER of 10 6 .
doi:10.1109/26.917766 fatcat:vxglwdjzzff2lcbg36cpfwl5iy