Molecular Fan of 360-pc Radius in the Galactic Center Region [chapter]

Yasuo Fukui
1980 Interstellar Molecules  
Molecular hydrogen of -I Ô M Q exists in the galactic center region, as has been revealed by recent observations of molecular emission lines (see e.g. Oort 1977). In the inner region of i^3°.0 most of the dominant emission features concentrate at 0°0£#/£2°0 and 0 km s" 1 %vo,100 km s _1 extremely unevenly with respect to the galactic center (see Fig. 1 ). As a model of the molecular complex we propose a fan of 360-pc radius whose pivot is at the center. The vertical angle of the fan is about
more » ... the fan is about 50° and the central line of the fan makes an angle of about 60° to the line of sight. Molecules in the fan are flowing out radially from the center with a velocity of 110-140 km s _1 . The £-v pattern of the fan model is superposed on the CO map in Fig. 1 . The model can explain the whole structure of the molecular complex as well as several fine details such as asymmetry in emission line profiles (Fukui et al. 1979) . As for Sgr A and Sgr B2, numerical calculations of molecular line profiles have been made by using the large velocity gradient approximation. The cal culations show that the broad and asymmetric line profiles in the complex are well reproduced by the fan model. Further, an isotope effect on line shape is predicted, which will be useful as an observational check of the fan model. Additionally, the carbon isotope ratio 12 C/ 13 C in HCN and CO was estimated to be 10-20 in the Sgr A 4-50-km s^1 cloud.
doi:10.1007/978-94-009-9097-5_53 fatcat:nssc6qutgjbazndaxxyrhkacye