Fuzzy Logic Based Hardware Faulty Node Detection And Redundancy Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Networks

In recent years, applications of wireless sensor network (WSN) is emerged as the revolutionary phase in many functional areas such as industrial, environmental, business, military and many need based self-intelligent real time systems. Some of the applications require data communication from harsh physical environment which poses great challenges to wireless sensor networks. The deployment of these sensor nodes in the hostile environment cause sensor nodes failure. This demands fast, redundant
more » ... ault tolerant, energy saving approaches which meet the requirements of most recurring failures and path disruption scenarios in wireless sensor networks. Hence there is need for fuzzy knowledge based fault detection because traditional fault detection methods are endured by low detection accuracy. The proposed fuzzy knowledge based faulty node detection and redundancy approach (FNDRA) is presented to identify the faulty nodes and provide the management method for nodes reusability. The effectiveness of the proposed approach was implemented using Matlab and the results shows that the proposed approach meets the constraints and requirements of most common and predicated critical failure scenarios.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.a8074.1110120 fatcat:koengg5zevafjgjrpoyg6hd7hi