Разработка методологии создания веб-приложения реального времени для управления распределенными ресурсами на примере сервиса аренды грузовых контейнеров

Кирилл Осадчий, Санкт-Петербургский политехнический университет Петра Великого. Институт компьютерных наук и технологий, Мария Гаврилова, Алексей Иванищев
The topic of the master's thesis relates to the development of real-time web applications using the NodeJS programming language and the MeteorJS framework. The developed application allows you to register in the system of companies and users, as well as the possibility of subsequent lease or lease of containers for transportation. The work has a logical structure consisting of an introductory section, three main chapters and a final part. The relevance and practical significance of the work
more » ... nce of the work disclosed in the introductory section. The first Chapter describes an introduction to the subject area, provides General information about web services and, in particular, is applicable to the services of renting cargo containers. Also developed criteria for the evaluation of services and manufactured similar services. The second Chapter provides an overview of the existing popular development methodologies, on the basis of which was formed its own approach to the development of the service and selected a list of technologies for solving problems. In the third Chapter, the implemented approach is tested during the implementation of the prototype of a real-time web application on the example of the freight container arena, as well as a comparison of the implemented service with analogues. The final part presents the conclusions about the work done. The appendix contains fragments of the source code of the implemented prototype.
doi:10.18720/spbpu/3/2018/vr/vr19-429 fatcat:hq2z5cjk5fcp3oyh452niuzpym