Heat transfer modelling of two-phase bubbles swarm condensing in three - phase direct - contact condenser

Hameed Mahood, Adel Sharif, Sami Al-Ailbi, Ali Hossini, Rex Thorpe
2016 Thermal Science  
An analytical model for the convective heat transfer coefficient and the two-phase bubble size of a three-phase direct contact heat exchanger was developed. Until the present, there has only been a theoretical model available that deals with a single two-phase bubble and a bubble train condensation in an immiscible liquid. However, to understand the actual heat transfer process within the three-phase direct contact condenser, characteristic models are required. A quasi -steady energy equation
more » ... a spherical coordinate system with a potential flow assumption and a cell model configuration has been simplified and solved analytically. The convective heat transfer in terms of Nu number has been derived, and it was found to be a function to Pe number and a system void fraction. In addition, the two-phase bubble size relates to the system void fraction and has been developed by solving a simple energy balance equation and using the derived convective heat transfer coefficient expression. Furthermore, the model correlates well with previous experimental data and theoretical results.
doi:10.2298/tsci130219015m fatcat:bhsslj3bpjdv3iuu3dnwp7isiq