The history of groin hernia

S Wapnick
In The first century AD Cefsus described a method of recognition of groin hernia. It was not until Casper Stromayr (16th century) published his work on hernia that the distinction between a direct and indirect inguinal hernia was appreciated. Stromayr also introduf:ed a hernia TruSS II'hich was designed to prevent a groin hernia from appearing. It is now almost lOO years since EduQl'do Bassfni revo'utionized the surgery of hernia repair when he *Dare received: 23 February 1971. introduced the
more » ... 1. introduced the operation of herniorrhaphy. This operation (in a slightly modified form) is still advocated by most surgeons as the ideal form of treatment for most patients II'ho have an inguinal hernia. Repair of a hernia is one of the commonest of surgical operations and can now be performed with low morbidity and mortality rates. It is only relatively recently, however, that any surgical operation could be undertaken without undue risk. In the distant past most operations were per-
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