Ménière's Disease and Tinnitus [chapter]

Ricardo Rodrigues Figueiredo, Andréia Aparecida de Azevedo, Norma de Oliveira Penido
2017 Up to Date on Meniere's Disease  
Tinnitus is one of the Ménière's disease clue symptoms, but by far less studied than vertigo or other types of dizziness. The typical Ménière's tinnitus is a low pitched luctuating one. Although controversial, cochlear Ménière's disease may account for a tinnitus subtype, a fact that may impact on tinnitus diagnosis and treatment. Further studies focused on tinnitus are necessary to clarify at which extent Ménière's disease may have a role in some types of chronic tinnitus.
doi:10.5772/66390 fatcat:lriz2so3cvb4jhxodumgohafxe