One-Shot Learning with Pseudo-Labeling for Cattle Video Segmentation in Smart Livestock Farming

Yongliang Qiao, Tengfei Xue, He Kong, Cameron Clark, Sabrina Lomax, Khalid Rafique, Salah Sukkarieh
2022 Animals  
Computer vision-based technologies play a key role in precision livestock farming, and video-based analysis approaches have been advocated as useful tools for automatic animal monitoring, behavior analysis, and efficient welfare measurement management. Accurately and efficiently segmenting animals' contours from their backgrounds is a prerequisite for vision-based technologies. Deep learning-based segmentation methods have shown good performance through training models on a large amount of
more » ... -labeled images. However, it is challenging and time-consuming to label animal images due to their irregular contours and changing postures. In order to reduce the reliance on the number of labeled images, one-shot learning with a pseudo-labeling approach is proposed using only one labeled image frame to segment animals in videos. The proposed approach is mainly comprised of an Xception-based Fully Convolutional Neural Network (Xception-FCN) module and a pseudo-labeling (PL) module. Xception-FCN utilizes depth-wise separable convolutions to learn different-level visual features and localize dense prediction based on the one single labeled frame. Then, PL leverages the segmentation results of the Xception-FCN model to fine-tune the model, leading to performance boosts in cattle video segmentation. Systematic experiments were conducted on a challenging feedlot cattle video dataset acquired by the authors, and the proposed approach achieved a mean intersection-over-union score of 88.7% and a contour accuracy of 80.8%, outperforming state-of-the-art methods (OSVOS and OSMN). Our proposed one-shot learning approach could serve as an enabling component for livestock farming-related segmentation and detection applications.
doi:10.3390/ani12050558 pmid:35268130 pmcid:PMC8908826 fatcat:it4mllkwp5bv5mzcxv42wf7goe