Translation and adaptation in the Spanish environment of the Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale
Traducción y adaptación de la Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale al ámbito español

P Alvarez Mas, P Benavent Rodríguez, J M García Valls, L Livianos Aldana, L Rojo Moreno
Actas espanolas de psiquiatria  
The aim of the present study is the translation, adaptation and validation in the Spanish environment of a self-rating of mania scale, the Altman Self-Rating Scale for Mania (ASRM), to fulfill a need in our environment in the self-rating of mania. The scale was translated, and then a back translation was done. This was sent to the author of the original scale. The scale was administered to a sample of 74 patients with bipolar disorder, divided into two groups, one formed by patients with acute
more » ... ania (n=35) and the other one constituted by asymptomatic patients (n=39). Concurrently we applied the Clinician Administered Rating Scale for Mania (CARS-M) and the Numeric Evaluation Scale (NES). High internal consistency, high and significant correlation with the CARS-M mania sub-scale, as well as with the NES and very significant differences between the two groups in the scale score were found. The ROC curve indicates excellent adjustment of the scale, when discriminating among bipolar patients with and without manic symptoms. The factorial analysis provided a single factor that accounts for 62% of the total variance. The Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale is shown to be a reliable and valid self-rating instrument to assess the presence and intensity of manic symptoms. It makes it possible to carry out simple and quick assessments of the patient's state, can be used for research as clinical objectives and can also be a screening instrument.
pmid:15918086 fatcat:p7optqzrvfe3llndmjeuq2oeyi