Special Procedures and the New Human Rights Council-A Need for Strategic Positioning

Oliver Hoehne
As the scope of the Special Procedures mandates grows, the system is achieving more and more coherence as a whole. In this article, the author proposes a strategic positioning of the system of Special Procedures mandates. Starting with a survey of the development of the geographic and thematic mandates, the author identifies the imbalances within this system. After examining its merits and limitations, he asserts that these imbalances give cause for a strategic positioning of the system as a
more » ... the system as a whole. The author argues, amongst others, that an overall strategy will make the system less vulnerable to political influences, which will allow for more continuing mandates. In this way, the system of Special Procedures mandates would be able to protect human rights more effectively. This article gives compelling reasons for a strategic positioning and translates them into elements that should be incorporated in this overall strategy.