R&E-­-SOURCE The Impact of Family and School Cooperation on the Quality of the Education Process for Formation of Personality and Performance of Students

Martin Adamovič
Family and school represent two basic institutional categories in fprming the personality of the pupil. Ambition of the family and school environment is to create optimal conditions of cooperation for its comprehensive development and preparation for successful social application i life. We compared the level of mutual cooperation between the school and the family in solving social problems as follows-­-cooperation and collaboration deficit, indicators of environment, social relationships,
more » ... relationships, leisure, socio-­-pathological phenomena that occur in the lives of students. Research involved over 121 respondents of which 58 parents and 63 teaching staff. Both groups were divided into cooperating and non-­-cooperating respondents. Significant differences in the majority of monitored indicators were found in favor of cooperation between family and school. For indicators Leisure, cooperation between families and schools, observed differences were not statistically significant