Radiopharmaceutical market. Cuban scenario

Jorge Cruz Arencibia, Tamara Taylor Delgado, José Morín Zorrilla
2017 Nucleus  
The international radiopharmaceutical market is considered as a reference to characterize the cuban scenario. The demand for diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals increases in the world around 10% each year. An indicator of this increase in the diagnostic area is the number of gamma cameras per million inhabitants: 20 in developed countries and 0,8 in developing countries, on average. In the Latin American region the average is 2,6. In Cuba this indicator has grown from 1.24 in 2013
more » ... from 1.24 in 2013 to 1.78 at present and should reach 2.57 in 2020, including the PET-CT currently under installation. In order to contribute to a more efficient use of these techniques, new radiopharmaceuticals, based on 99mTc for the diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system, infections and some types of cancer, will be introduced in the diagnostic area in the short term. In the therapeutic area, the growth of radiopharmaceutical market for the treatment of thyroid diseases, metastatic bone pain, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and neuroendocrine tumors, is expected. Itrium-90 [90Y] is considered one of the radionuclides with a great perspective in this field. All the above mentioned favors the fact that nuclear medicine procedures are incorporated into routine health-care systems, as already occurred in developed countries.
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